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SCRC Crawler GTG at Bobs 11-1-08

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Ced RC  

Sweet backyard course this guy has, honored to know him! I poke fun at droop because I ran it and had problems, couldn't clear obstacles easily cleared with my sprung setups.

Added: Nov 3, 2008 21:54

i want to play in that guys backyard. i like the droop though. "if used propery. no defense" mr. miyagi

Added: Nov 3, 2008 20:00
Ced RC  

The concrete is a little slick in places but several of us went right up this climb with Rock Claws. The first truck is a scale rig with Mud Slingers and the purple rig has Panthers.

Added: Nov 2, 2008 18:42

Is that concrete really that slick? It doesn't look particularly steep....

Added: Nov 2, 2008 18:20
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Member: Ced RC  
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Description: When we ran this course backwards this particular gate proved to be nearly impossible to clear.
Category: Radio Control
Tags: scrc crawler crawl crawling ced axial
Added: Nov 2, 2008 Runtime: 3 min 1 sec
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