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My Touring Chassis

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Ced RC  

if your motor is getting so hot that it melts the solder it's getting too hot, you need to determine why it's getting so hot. could be wire problem (too small, etc.) could be gearing problem, could be that your can isn't capable of running a 10t arm?

Added: Dec 30, 2008 08:16
Member: romanjcg  
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Description: This is my tamiya TA04 chassis. I recently added a 10T armature to my exsisting motor can and I am having a problem. The motor gets so hot that it melts the solder connecting the brushes and the main power leads. My speedo never even gets hot at all. Should I go to terminal connectors and eliminate the solder or is there a better solder i can use? Has anyone had this problem before?
Category: Radio Control
Tags: Tamiya TAO4
Added: Dec 27, 2008
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