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HobbyZip Ads - The Smart Place To Be

HobbyZip.com is a community driven by hobbyists. Members are here for one reason, they are a hobbyist with an interest for the content on this site.

If you are a hobby shop looking to draw in targeted buyers, a manufacturer looking to launch a new vehicle or line, a news outlet looking to gain contributors, or someone looking to be properly positioned and displayed in front of hobbyists around the world, HobbyZip is the best place to be seen.

HobbyZip Ads offers several different banner advertising options. Banners can be a JPG image file, GIF image file, or SWF flash video file. Banner pixel sizes available include 300 x 250, 300 x 100, 728 x 90, 120 x 728, and 350 x 90. Each of these banners are designed to randomly display on the various pages each time the page is viewed.

Here is a full chart of site pages that each banner is displayed:

  300 x 250 300 x 100 728 x 90 120 x 728 350 x 90
Home X        
Play Video   X X    
Videos       X  
Videos > Featured       X  
Videos > Sort By       X  
Videos > Categories       X  
Videos > Recently Added       X  
Videos > Most Popular       X  
Videos > Top Rated       X  
Videos > Most Discussed       X  
Videos > Top Favorites       X  
Videos > Runtime       X  
Videos > Comments       X  
Series       X  
View Series     X    
Series > Spotlight       X  
Series > Sort By       X  
Series > Most Subscribed       X  
Series > Recently Created       X  
Series > Highest Rated       X  
Series > Recently Updated       X  
Members       X  
Members > Recently Joined       X  
Members > Recently Online       X  
Members > Profile Hits       X  
Members > Video Views       X  
Members > Featured       X  
Members > Profile X   X    
Members > Videos     X    
Members > Channels     X    
Members > Comments     X    
Members > Favorites     X    
Members > Subscribers     X    
Members > Friends     X    
Members > Series     X    
Members > Channels     X    
Channels       X  
View Channels     X   X
Channels > Recently Created       X  
Channels > Most Subscribed       X  
Channels > Most Viewed       X  
Channels > Top Rated       X  
Channels > Most Comments       X  
Upload       X  
Terms of Use       X  
Syndicate       X  
About Us       X  
Advertising X X X X X

Ad tracking is a key part in determining ROI with banner advertising. With JPG and GIF image banners, the advertiser will specify the website to which the image links within their HobbyZip advertiser control panel. JPG and GIF image banners are able to track impressions, clicks, and click through ratios. With SWF flash banners, the advertiser must specify the website linking in a target=parent format and any tracking details they will use. SWF flash banners can only track impressions through their advertiser control panel while clicks and click ratios are not offered because the flash linking is setup by the advertiser outside of HobbyZip.

All currently available banner ads can be found on this page.

Click here to login or create a HobbyZip Ads advertising account. Current ad packages and the tools needed to upload your banners today are all available within the advertiser control panel.

Advertisers interested in building a more aggressive and abstract campaign across the whole site or on individual pages, please contact us to schedule a phone call for more information.